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Haha..well i had a blast this weekend. friday i left school early got my hair done, again i look like fraken ashlee simpson but w/e and than i whent shopping for kaylin's b-day i got ugg boots i never really wanted them and than i actually tried them on and omg they we're juss soo comfortable so i got em aww amazing. and than saturday i whent to kay's lol yea we def learned our lesson im so sorry puff i love you soo much, and i never should have left you im juss glad we're all okay. well anyways we watched the gruge and cough*cough* kay i did have a fun time lol ryan* hehe okay maybe i did get a lil close but now i think i like someone else*hmm cough cough?? lol well we had alotta fun at chilles haha i bet you everyone thinks im crazyy "hey gorgeous" to our waiter and he was soo ugly but everyone dared me so i did it, im not afraid of taken chances lol now everyone knws that hehe, well we had such a fun time,and im glad kaylin did 2 and im glad everyone is okay.. well i gtg super bowl time babay babaY!! dont knw who im rooting for but ugh?? w/e lol love ya all..xo Jess_Mess

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