♥LaMa♥ (xothinkkpinkkox) wrote in heritage_preps,

Ok girlsssss---here are some picutres from my bat mitzvah--- it was Jan 8. but i just never got a chance to post the pics!! These are only a few---if you wanna see more just IM me!


sexy ilana :) lollook its the back of sarah head!!

me and my mommy :) love that pic!lol thats so funny!!hahaha!! they almost dropped me!!!!!i was so fricken scared!!

friends candle :)some of the girlssome girliesdessert yum!!! too bad i didnt eat it!

haha look at keegan!


ok well i have sooo many more but photobucket is evil and doesnt let me put that many picutres on at once so there will be more to come!!! :) eventually....

x0_ehhxs ohh

<marquee> ilana<33 </marquee>

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